Commencement Flowers - Flowers for your graduates
Graduation Flowers

We have built the reputation over our 15 years in business through our commitment to excellence,
knowledge and skills, while working with more than 500 Universities and Colleges across the United States and Canada.

About Us

Commencement Flowers focuses exclusively on providing professional floral services at University and College graduation ceremonies, offering graduates and guests with the opportunity to purchase Fresh Cut Flowers right on location. Our service is specifically designed to deal with large scale Commencement Events.

The foundation of our service is built
upon the principles listed below:


All-Inclusive Service

Commencement Flowers will take care of Absolutely Everything. There is No Cost, No Risk, and No Effort required in working with us. Our uniformed and well trained staff will deliver the flowers, set up a professional and attractive sales kiosk, and provide expert customer service to your guests.


We provide all the flowers for sale, assume all responsibility for leftover product, and you will receive a commission on all flowers sold. Your school is guaranteed to profit from this arrangement. All the while, the guests of the Commencement ceremonies are provided with a service they will truly appreciate.

Quality Selection and Value

Commencement Flowers delivers beautiful fresh cut flowers daily, to ensure freshness. Customers can choose from a wide variety of colors, sizes, and presentation styles. Ample selection will be available through our attractive and conveniently located display.

We take pride in offering high quality floral products at an excellent price. We have something for everyone.


We also provide guests with the opportunity of Pre-Ordering their desired floral arrangement online so their flowers are waiting for them at our stand on Commencement Day.


Commencement Flowers will do its part to recognize, respect, and contribute to your school’s goals to build a sustainable environment. Commencement Flowers purchases carbon credits, in order to negate our carbon footprint. All of our growers and farms are Florverde Certified, Rainforest Alliance Certified, and VeriFlora Certified, members of Asocoflores and BASC compliant.